View of Ben Nevis and Glen

Fort William Scotland Self catering accommodation

- Craigavon House - 4 celebrity STB Cottage - is situated in the shores of Loch Leven occur 5 miles of shores line. Craigavon House features unrestricted breathtaking views over Loch Leven and to the Mamore Hills past. Regarding comfort and place this residence is really unparralled in this area.

self-catering accommodation Fort William Scotland - regional Information - The cottages have exclusive safe airport parking towards the back regarding the residential property and it is 14miles from Fort William, 32 kilometers from Oban, 17miles from Nevis range skiing Centre and 13 kilometers from Ski Centre. Inverness and Glasgow are all well within one hour . 5 drive.Please log onto, and for information about things to do and see and lots of info on places to visit in this area from Castles to home gardens, Ski centers to Hill strolls and substantially more have you thought to have a quick appearance you will end up surprised!! The National Trust provides led strolls throughout the week along with a great site visitors centre to check out.

The ground floor of the home offers a large sitting area with huge patio doorways with spectacular loch views, the sitting space is furnished to a very large standard, with wool flooring throughout and enormous leather-based couches and beautiful illumination, the sitting area comes with a large feature granite fireplace.

Craigavon House offers all the conveniences of a 4 Star Scottish Tourist Board residential property and lots more. This home is furnished to an extremely high standard throughout. Within Craigavon House you'll find a lot of extras perhaps not typically seen in self-catering properties, it really is property at home holiday home. With two bedrooms, a sizable shower room all from the second floor, a large sitting room, an independent living area and a beautiful fully fitted kitchen prepared to the highest of requirements all on a lawn flooring, you'll value from the min the door is opened for this residential property that quality is very important, guaranteeing our holiday manufacturers have quality accommodation and a truly memorable stay in the Highlands. The sitting space has as standard a sizable colour T.V, video clip, DVD player and mini-hifi. Through the sitting area views over Loch Leven are gorgeous and forever altering, even on a wet time views from Craigavon House tend to be great, stormy ones better still! As soon as you arrive a really warm welcome awaits you, beverage cookies and fresh plants await your arrival. The food area can accommodate four persons in comfort which is entirely split through the sitting space. Browse our interesting site - click
The Old Quarriers 4 celebrity Cottage is located in the little peaceful town of Ballachulish, just one mile from town Village. This property is over 150 years old and ended up being used in yesteryear by guys whom familiar with work at the planet popular slate Quarry which is located in the village of Ballachulish, the quarry was shut for all, a long time but it is still an extremely interesting location to see and also to simply take walks through. Quarriers cottage is situated within the town of Ballachulish only five minutes go through the regional bus solution stop and just a few minutes from local store, club and bistro.

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