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7, 500 BC Very first evidence of human being settlement in Scotland at Kinloch, Isle of Rhum in Lochaber.
3, 000 BC Recently discovered “Cup Marks” at Blarmafoldach recommend early territorial markings of farming settlement. Likely inhabited caves at Onich.
2, 000 BC

Burial Cists with urns containing charred person remains found specially around Onich and North Ballachulish. Standing Rock at Onich.

1, 000BC Vitrified Fort in Glen Nevis at Dun Deardill
800AD Ballachulish Goddess
1270 (Old) Inverlochy Castle Built
1429-31 Skirmish

31 Royalists for King James defeated Alexander Lord associated with the Isles in Lochaber. In 1431 a rematch had Donald Balloch MacDonald (Alexander’s cousin) rout the royalist force led by the Earls of Mar and Caithness - the 1st Battlle of Inverlochy. ‘Tis stated they delayed doing struggle to complete a game title of cards.

1645 Battle

2nd Battle of Inverlochy - Montrose’s military after a sustained instantly March takes Campbell forces by surprise and routs the Duke of Argyll’s army.


General Monk, Cromwell’s emissary sailed into Loch Linnhe and built a wood palisade, “The Fort of Inverlochy” to support 250 troops. He anticipated his objective to check the Highland Clans (especially the Cameron’s) wouldn't be brief and took conditions for 2 years


The Fort of Inverlochy had been enhanced with 20’ large rock wall space, fifteen weapons and barracks for a thousand males. It had been then called Fort William following the King additionally the adjacent village which it had fawned became Maryburgh after Queen Mary. A few of the stone walls additionally the “Sally Port” remain even today.

1692 Glencoe

The ultimate papers authorising the “Massacre of Glencoe” had been signed in Fort and delivered a detachment of troops towards McIains of Glencoe. After obtaining their particular hospitality the troops turned on all of them in the early hours of a snow bound winters evening, killing guys, ladies and children. The lumber panelled space when the reports were finalized is currently reconstructed when you look at the western Highland Museum.

1722 Mining

Contribute my own opened at Strontian. Later on that century an innovative new mineral Strontianite ended up being found additionally the brand new factor called appropriately Strontium was identified in 1793.

1725 Road building

General Wade started creating their great roadways within the Highlands “to civilise the country”. The street from Fort William to Inverness crosses the River Spean above a-deep rugged gorge at “ Highbridge”, finished in 1736. The pillars continue to be standing. Right here a skirmish happened in 1745 heralding the Jacobite uprising of that 12 months.

1745 The Jacobites

Charles Edward Stewart (Bonnie Prince Charlie) raises their traditional at Glenfinnan and takes their Jacobite army to Edinburgh, Carlisle after which onto Derby so as to restore the British Throne for Stewarts.

1746 A Siege

Siege of Fort William. The 1, 500 powerful Jacobite military with 200 French Artillery guys laid siege to your Fort for 5 days, but were unsuccessful. An indication of what to come - ending when you look at the fateful day in the Moor of Culloden when the Highland Army had been defeated.

Charles goes into hiding spending many months becoming pursued by Redcoats.

Cumberland “The Butcher” ravages Lochaber after Culloden.

1750s Rebuilding

Town of Maryburgh rebuilt in wood (in the event of additional insurrection with regards to could possibly be torched rapidly.

1752 Murder The Appin Murder
1803 Engineering

Building regarding the Caledonian Canal begun designed and built by Thomas Telford.

1818 First boats move across the Caledonian Canal.
1822 Caledonian Canal formally opened
1825 Whisky

Extended John” MacDonald’s distillery opened creating “Long John’s dew of Ben Nevis. Nevertheless making whisky and contains a Visitor Centre. Totally free dram!

1830s Tourism

Many Tourism starts when you look at the Highlands with all the development of regular quick Steamboats. The “Lochiel Arms resort” (later on Banavie resort) built beside the Caledonian Canal for Tourists.

1840s Fort William lit with oil lamps

“The Disruption” of this Church of Scotland. The breakaway “complimentary Church” was not recognised by neighborhood lairds, Ministers were prohibited from their particular Churches and use of land for solutions ended up being forbidden. Services had been held in graveyards plus in Strontian a “Floating Church” on Loch Sunart allowed the minister to preach afloat while the congregation stood regarding the shore below the high-tide range.


Royal Visit

Queen Victoria arrived at Fort William en route to Ardverike “house hunting”. It rained heavily. She may not have already been amused. Rather than purchasing Ardverike on Loch Laggan part; she moved eastwards and purchased the Balmoral Estate as an alternative. It's drier there!


Highland Famine

The Highland famine at its height considering potato blight which decimated the basic food resource. More emigration lead.


Dr.William Kennedy dies

Dr. Kennedy, regional medical practitioner, dies in an outbreak of Typhus. Memorial built-in Cameron Square.


"New" Inverlochy Castle built

Building of Lord Abingers “New” Inverlochy Castle started at Torlundy.



Belford Hospital opens

Belford Hospital unsealed. Built by Andrew Belford of Glenfintaig after the loss of a Shepherd's wife in childbirth on their estate.


Queen Victoria remains in Fort William

Queen Victoria spent weekly at Inverlochy Castle checking out Glenfinnan, Achnacarry and Glencoe Weather combined!



Clement Wragge climbs Ben Nevis each day

Clement Wragge climbed Ben Nevis each day each summer daily for just two many years in order to make meteorological recordings and establish a necessity for an Observatory regarding Summit.


Ben Nevis Observatory opened

A bridle way to take ponies into the top of Ben Nevis built and an observatory opened which took daily tracks on Britain’s highest summit for 21 many years.

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