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Lodge Near Fort William Scotland

Bank Street Lodge inside heart of Fort William provides superb price accommodation with clean, comfortable spaces and friendly staff. Our company is located in Fort William's town centre, just a 5 moment walk to the bus and train programs. We our very own guest car-parking facilities, television room/lounge, fully equipped kitchen and a laundry service.

We've two flooring with standard dormitory/bunk accommodation on a lawn floor, with en-suite areas on the other. Reception is available twenty four hours, without curfew or lockout. The majority of our dorms only have 4 bedrooms.

If at all possible positioned to explore the gorgeous Highlands of Scotland, Fort William provides convenient accessibility all major attractions in Highland location. You have the chance to find out Glen Nevis, Nevis number Gondola, western Highland Museum, Loch Ness, Steam Train, Ben Nevis Distillery and the as take Seal Island Cruises. For the activities minded among you, the surrounding location offers a big variety of tasks including biking, climbing, slope walking, fishing, water sports, skiing/boarding (winter months just) and tennis courses.

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