Flat to let 20 miles from Fort

Flats to rent in Fort William Scotland

Thumbnail Retail premises to allow in High Street, Fort William1 - 4 of 4

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£20, 000 pa (£31.90/sq. ft. pa)

627 sq. ft*

Traditional, Fort William PH33

Obtainable instantly

The subjects comprise a ground floor shop found on Fort Williams pedestrianized High Street. Area Fort William provides superb potential to access the high visitor amounts that actually descend out annually. Under Ben Nevis, the highest ...

Fort William (0.3 miles) Corpach (1.8 kilometers)

Note: Distances tend to be straight line dimensions


Thumbnail Retail premises to let in traditional, Fort William 1, 252 sq. ft*

Blar Mhor Health Centre, Fort William PH33

The subjects make up a ground-floor unit to basic shell requirements and forms section of a modern two storey building of a combined stone facade tin profile pitched roof. The topics form the main Blar Mhor Health Centre some two miles north for the ...

Banavie (0.7 miles) Corpach (1.6 miles)


From 212 - 3, 750 sq. ft*

George Street, Oban PA34

Significant workplace premises in excellent, city centre place readily available space by-room at a competitive lease as well as on versatile lease terms EPC Rating: F lease: From £200 monthly Exclusive

Oban (0.1 kilometers) Connel Ferry (4.3 kilometers)

£6, 000 pa (£15.71/sq. ft. pa)

382 sq. ft*

Albany Street, Oban PA34

Ideal small office package in convenient, city centre place Competitive rent and flexible lease terms EPC Rating: G

Oban (0.1 kilometers) Connel Ferry (4.5 kilometers)

Thumbnail Retail premises to let in High Street, Fort William Note: Distances tend to be straight-line measurements

£11, 000 pa (£14.03/sq. ft. pa)

784 sq. ft*

Craigard Road, Oban PA34

Situated, place shop unit, near to George Street, Oban’s prime retail pitch Competitive rent and versatile lease EPC Rating: G

Oban (0.3 miles) Connel Ferry (4.2 kilometers)

£12, 000 pa (£1, 000 pcm) Glengallan Road, Oban PA34

Well-situated in the thriving business area of Glengallan Industrial home, Oban within a fully-established premises, the office space to allow includes a package of four offices. In exceptional purchase with bright, fresh design, fitted carpets and timber ...

Oban (1.2 miles) Connel Ferry (5.5 kilometers)

£15, 000 pa (£4.69/sq. ft. pa)

3, 198 sq. ft*

Soroba Path, Oban PA34

Product 12, old tweedmill, soroba road, oban PA34 4HQ big, fully-fitted showroom/warehouse premises famous, primary road frontage EPC Rating: F82

Oban (0.6 miles) Connel Ferry (4.7 kilometers)

£20, 000 pa (£33.06/sq. ft. pa)

658 sq. ft*

George Street, Oban PA34

Well located, prominent shop unit, near Oban’s prime retail pitch Extensive frontage Competitive rent and versatile lease EPC Rating: G

Oban (0.2 kilometers) Connel Ferry (4.2 miles)

Thumbnail Retail premises to let in Blar Mhor Health Centre, Fort William Thumbnail workplace to let in George Street, Oban Thumbnail Light manufacturing to allow in Crannog Lane, Lochavullin Industrial home, Oban Thumbnail Office to allow in Albany Street, Oban

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