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Fort William Highland to Mallaig train Times

Western Highland Line

What was voted more scenic versus Trans-Siberian Railway, the train trip from Irkutsk to Mongolia, while the train from Eastern Russia down to Beijing? Solution: the western Highland Line in Scotland, and you will access this gem from Arrochar and Tarbet section.

The western Highland Line starts in earnest after Helensburgh Upper section, and terminates in Fort William. You can find three different services on the Line:

Glasgow to Fort William and Mallaig – trains operate north to Fort William, where West Highland Line officially comes to an end, and continue northwest on the beautiful Mallaig part range, which crosses the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct, where Harry Potter had been filmed.

Glasgow to Oban – trains run north to Crianlarich, within the Glasgow to Fort William and Mallaig service, after which a couple of carriage leaves the West Highland Line and head down west regarding the scenic range to Oban. This passes the beautiful Loch Awe and the base of Ben Cruachan, a mountain complex containing an enormous hydroelectric system.

London to Fort William – trains run on Scotrail’s Caledonian Sleeper solution from London Euston to Fort William. The sleeper has lots of quality, with extremely comfortable berths and in most cases a seated carriage. The restaurant buffet vehicle also has actually leather couches!

The most recent timetables from the West Highland Line, check going on the line is really a fantastic knowledge. Time goes on quickly as some of the nation’s most beautiful scenery slips past within reach, together with staff from the trains even give out no-cost postcards associated with the location! Be aware of the place brands in Gaelic, which are in green text.

The programs from Glasgow to Fort William tend to be the following:

Glasgow Queen Street
Your trip is most probably to begin with at Glasgow’s Queen Street station. Many trains to Oban and Fort William / Mallaig leave from here; generally two mentors will likely be probably Oban, as well as 2 mentors to Fort William and Mallaig. Queen Street section is within the heart of Glasgow town centre and there are exemplary services around the place.

Your train will most likely initially phone at Dalmuir, a Glasgow residential district place.

Dumbarton Central
This might be, architecturally, quite an interesting section. Dumbarton is a sizeable city into western of Glasgow – destinations feature Dumbarton Castle, which sits on Dumbarton Rock, a volcanic plug in the financial institutions of this River Clyde.

Helensburgh Upper
Helensburgh Upper marks the start of the western Highland Line. This might be a little section providing a residential area.

There isn't a lot of touristic curiosity about Garelochhead.

Arrochar & Tarbet
If you are taking the train to Arrochar, could alight as of this pretty little section, which serves Arrochar therefore the nearby town of Tarbet. The section is within the traditional Victorian style typical of channels regarding West Highland Line, and offers pleasant views of surrounding mountains including Ben Lomond.

This little station serves the town of Ardlui, that will be perfectly put to climb up Ben Vorlich as well as good views of Loch Lomond.

This is certainly outstanding station for climbing nearby Munros. Ben More, Stob Binnein, Cruach Ardrain, Beinn Tulaichean, An Caisteal and Beinn a’Chroin are within simple walking length of the place. Crianlarich can be appropriate near the West Highland Way.

The Jacobite Steam Train regarding Mallaig Extension associated with western Highland Line

Crianlarich may be the point of which the train usually splits into two components, with several carriages continuing north from the West Highland Line, and a few carriages proceeding west towards Oban. Both have become pretty paths. It's interesting to obtain from the train and watch it becoming decoupled (or recoupled), but don’t remain down a long time – it’s a little while till the next train! Crianlarich has actually good hotel, a tearoom and many bed and breakfasts.

Tyndrum Upper
Tyndrum is an odd town – it really features two train stations! Tyndrum Upper sits regarding the western Highland Line, whilst Tyndrum Lower sits on the Oban line. The cause of this is that when the 2 lines divide at Crianlarich, the Oban line works within the west region of the glen, while the West Highland Line runs up the eastern side of the glen (it may be amusing when returning down the glen, seeing one other train battle you along the glen to Crianlarich!). These two lines was previously had and operated by different train companies. Tyndrum Lower had been the place regarding the Oban and Callander Railway, whereas Tyndrum Upper had been the station on North British Railway. Both are now actually possessed and operated by the same organization, with all the Oban branch being the only area of the old Oban and Callander Railway still existing – the rest was mothballed.

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