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Fort William United Kingdom Harry Potter train

hogwarts presentIf you’ve been looking forward to an owl to fall off your letter, this is certainly it…

You can now reserve your train passes for Hogwarts Express, which begins operating these days for a magical start to the springtime season!

Think we’re pulling a Fred and George? We’re perhaps not! The Hogwarts Express is a real train which operates across 84 miles of railway in the uk.

The ‘Hogwarts Express’

Even in the Muggle world, the train is famous. It’s a steam train named the Jacobite, and works along what's considered ‘the biggest railroad journey in the world.’

Wizarding folk will see that this train appears very similar to the infamous Hogwarts Express. It really is, in reality, the train which featured in Harry Potter films.

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The Jacobite panels in Fort William and Mallaig, which is nearby the highest hill in Britain, Ben Nevis. The train operates past the deepest freshwater loch, Loch Morar, and passes the deepest seawater loch, Loch Nevis!

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