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Places to visit in Fort William Highland

west ScotlandYou would you like to visit Scotland.

At the least, that’s the idea with this four-part show on planning a trip to Scotland. I’ve planned countless trips to Scotland in the last 10 years, now may seem like a very good time share my understanding into the hopes that you will start thinking about making plans for your own visit to Scotland!

After a location was plumped for, we begin to see the procedure for trip planning as four simple concerns:

  1. Whenever can I get?
  2. In which (in the destination) do I need to get?
  3. Exactly how much time do I want/need?
  4. Simply how much does it price me?

Each Monday this month I’ll tackle one of these simple concerns and share my Scotland trip-planning guidelines. Each concern holds on the other individuals and I’ll highlight these areas to help with making choices simpler. Including, when you is going might be determined by your trip spending plan and for which you desire to go might depend on exactly how much time you've got.

Will you be with me? Good. Here are three areas to consider when thinking about once you is going to Scotland.


Particular activities will dictate once you see Scotland. The country is full of world-famous social events, from Edinburgh Fringe Festival to Hogmanay to lots of folk music, highland games, and whisky celebrations throughout the land. If you wish to take in the Fringe Festival after that you’re planning August. If it's Hogmanay and Burns’ Supper you’re contemplating, then you’re evaluating belated December and January.

And Scotland’s major events, associated smaller-scale occasions seem to cluster at times of the season. Highland games have a tendency to take place in August/September, whisky festivals occur in the spring and fall, as many distilleries get “silent” during summer months, and folk-music celebrations span the hotter 1 / 2 of the entire year.

You’re probably aware if occasions tend to be operating your stop by at Scotland. If that’s the actual situation much of your final decision of when you should get is full. I nevertheless suggest that you see the following parts as they can help you position your journey on either side of the desired occasions.

Climate and Weather

Climate and weather played a big part within my decision to check out Argentina late last year, therefore figures into the first phases of many journey programs. There are lots of jokes about Scotland’s weather condition and misconceptions in regards to the higher United Kingdom’s scenario (age.g., it is constantly raining), so let’s obtain the realities straight.

Scotland features a temperate maritime weather, that is usually skilled as very adjustable but hardly ever extreme weather condition. There’s little explanation to pout if it's drizzling and foggy when you get up; it might be sunny and breezy by late early morning. Scotland is a northerly country at a latitude with Scandinavia, Russia, and Labrador and center Canada, but it’s perhaps not almost since cool since these comparisons because Scotland, like remaining portion of the great britain, advantages from the Atlantic gulf flow that earns hotter winds from the southwest. This weather condition system additionally modulates Scotland’s normal conditions, which fall between 32F and 68F over summer and winter. This compatible cool summers and damp winters.

Rain falls usually within area of the world, but downpours and longer bouts of rainy times fortunately aren't standard. Low average rainfalls and long times with additional sunlight coincide between April and September, and this duration is a perfect starting point whenever planning your journey.

High/Low/Shoulder Seasons

Whether you take tourism months into account is largely a function of your budget and how you endure crowds of people of tourists. High tourism season in Scotland does occur from June through August, with August being the busiest thirty days as a result of incredible range festivals currently (especially in Edinburgh) and holiday breaks for several UK residents. It’s also a really gorgeous season.

Shoulder season presents April, might, September, and October. In these months, the majority of holidaymaker destinations are ramping up or winding down additionally the total experience is a bit slower round the country. Hours of operation may be irregular and should be double-checked.

Minimal period begins in October and works through very early April. The current weather gets wetter, the occasions shorter, therefore the hours for preferred spots like castles, distilleries, and parks modification. Certain areas like B&Bs close-up completely though some available for a short while around xmas and Hogmanay.

My Suggestion

Assuming cultural occasions and festivals aren’t dictating your journeys to Scotland, I’ve found might, June, and September to represent the best time to attend Scotland. In-may and June, the weather is generally great in addition to days are particularly long – it had been light until 11pm in Inverness around the Summer Solstice. September sees the dissipation of August’s crowds of people as well as the very first variations of Autumn’s gorgeous light. Both times make use of Scotland’s neck months so that the crowds of people tend to be less heavy and the prices lower.

If you’re maneuvering to Scotland to go to specific activities and would like to tack on some more hours, include it in direction of the shoulder months. The elements is normally equally as good as the center of summer while the crowds of people (and prices) is going to be reduced. August is a month I would personally stay away from unless you are targeting the celebrations as costs would be greater, accommodation harder to reserve, and several destinations excessively busy with tourists.

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