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Caernarfon Castle was built from 1283, monitored by Master James of St George, a celebrated mason and military professional that has learnt his art inside Savoy. These days we can only marvel during the dogged perseverance of this medieval workmen which levelled platforms inside stone, and built dizzying levels with only wood scaffolding and pulleys.

Cawood Castle, North Yorkshire – your website of Cardinal Wolsey’s downfall

Cawood Castle ended up being when the palace associated with archbishops of York, in a town 10 kilometers south regarding the city. The palace’s heyday was the 14th and 15th hundreds of years, whenever prelates were at their most effective – cardinals of Rome and archbishops of The united kingdomt. One particular was John Kempe, made archbishop in 1426 and soon after cardinal. He celebrated by building the fine gatehouse this is certainly today maintained because of the Landmark Trust (the gatehouse is perhaps all that endures of Cawood Castle). It even sports a cardinal’s cap with its stonework.

Cawood Castle, North Yorkshire. (Credit: The Landmark Trust)

All would be to change in the 1530s whenever Henry VIII broke with Rome, while the gatehouse would end up being the scene of Thomas Wolsey’s popular downfall. The child of an Ipswich butcher and grazier [a person who rears or fattens cattle or sheep for market], Wolsey had risen spectacularly to become many effective man inside kingdom after the king. But Wolsey didn't control Rome, along with his failure to procure papal consent for Henry’s separation with Catherine of Aragon to ensure he could marry Anne Boleyn, led to the king’s disfavour.

Cardinal Wolsey had been arrested at Cawood Castle on 4 November 1530. (Credit: The Landmark Trust)

Wolsey was at dinner on 4 November 1530 at Cawood Castle whenever Earl of Northumberland entered his chamber declaring: “My lord, we arrest you of high treason”. The very next day, the cardinal feebly mounted their mule and rode south under escort for London. But he'd never ever show up – he died at Leicester Abbey 25 times later (on 29 November).

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