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Europe’s chalk build up started to build up some hundred million years ago. They grew at therate of approximately a millimetre per century until these people were more than three hundred metres thick. Photo by John Holloway.Credit“SNOW, SEVEN-SISTERS 1” (1991)/IPG BATTLE

The huge chalk of European countries lies below the English Channel, under a lot of north France, under bits of Germany and Scandinavia, in Limburg Province regarding the Netherlands, and—from Erith go to Gravesend—under fifteen kilometers for the lower Thames. My grandson Tommaso seems away from someplace and sees a cobble from base regarding the Thames. The tide is going. The flats are wide involving the bank plus the liquid. Small boats, canted, are in sleep on the riverbed. Others, further out on the wide river, are moored afloat—skiffs, sloops, a yawl or two. Tommaso is ten. The rock in the hand is large but light. He breaks it against the revetment bordering the Gordon Promenade, in the Riverside Leisure Area, with benches and lawns under oaks and chestnuts, prams and kids, picnics under method, magazines distribute like sails, and, far up the bank, a stall attempting to sell ice-cream. He cracks the cobble into jagged pieces, which are whiter than snow. Chalked graffiti line the revetment and have now drawn the attention of Tommaso, whom now begins his or her own aided by the letter “R.”

One of the stranded skiffs is painted a brilliant orange, and enormous letters on its tilted-up part state “The Crown and Thistle Public House.” A yellow skiff, additionally askew, says “The Terrace Tavern Public Home.” A red one represents “The George Inn, Queen Street.” As soon as the tide features switched plus the skiffs are up on water, the pubs race each other. Here is the start of Thames Estuary, where, in hundreds of years gone, 1000 vessels would be anchored, waiting to increase into London.


Tommaso is using their time by using these letters, because he's making use of a bold font. The lines having created the “R” while the “O” are four ins wide. An armada of swans, in single file, swims out from almost shore and toward the biggest market of the river—thirty-eight swans. Right here, above the chalk, is when the Nellie, a cruising yawl, swung to her anchor, awaiting the tide to make, while

the tanned sails associated with the barges drifting with the tide appeared to sit still in purple clusters of fabric sharply peaked, with gleams of varnished sprits. A haze rested regarding the reasonable shores that went off to ocean in vanishing flatness. The atmosphere was dark above Gravesend, and further right back nevertheless appeared condensed into a mournful gloom, brooding motionless on the biggest, plus the best, town on earth.

Marlow then described to his friends on the yawl’s deck his journey on heart of darkness.


Tommaso would go to Fulham Prep, and recently bet a number of their classmates a lb apiece he wouldn't normally win the Form reward. He won the Form Prize and moved broke.


With his rendering of ROCK, he has won the admiration of his grandfather for their obvious devotion to earth science. He's got in addition drawn a crowd. Typical age: seven. Quietly and respectfully, they view this older musician, his focus undisturbed. He will leave some area and begins a brand new word, with another “O.” In Nellie’s time, the last ten years regarding the nineteenth century, the lake here at Gravesend ended up being high in troop ships, cargo ships, and emigrant boats, waiting on tides. Plus than tides. They often waited for weeks before sailing. On hulks and barges, boatmen providing the ships lived from the river using their families and with their kitties, puppies, chickens, sheep, and cows. Now downriver comes the Tor Belgia, out-of London, with a six-deck rear residence, accompanied by the Arco Humber, spewing bilge, a floating cadaver of ulcerated corrosion. Pilot boats, ratlike, scurry far from these tankers. Docked over the lake in Tilbury is the Russian ship Annoya, of nine Cyrillic letters and a six-deck house. A motor boat passes, so elegant it seems to be lost—seems to-be seeking Lake Geneva.

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