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The Prophecy for the Seer, Gillenaomh MacVicar (Niven, son of vicar)

Niven the Seer, was created near in which the household into the old deer playground is, and lived during Archibald, eighth Earl of Argyle (1607-1661). He had been educated for the Church and became the initial Reformed Minister of Inverary. He preached under a rock known as the "Parsons Pulpit", until a church had been built for him in the old burying-place, and called Cill Ghillenaoimh (Nivens preaching and burying place) pronounced now, Cillmarl, as well as in English, Lilmalue.

Individuals had complete trust in Niven and considered him a motivated prophet. Niven prophecied your day's the crooked dike (Los Angeles garadh Crom, perhaps not built until later on by a Duke of Argyle), would privately come if the inhabitants in the dike is taken unaware and a struggle be battled at Ath-nan-lann (the blade Ford); Such a battle that a man with just one hand would hold three kings horses; the slaughter is so excellent the folks could go dryshod over the ford on the bodied regarding the slain; the ravens would drink of mens bloodstream, plus the river run purple with bloodstream; that the locals could be beaten and a classic, lame white horse would carry all that remained of Siol Diarmid (Clan Campbell) over Kern Dron, where Argyle and Perthshire meet. Which after that day one could be able to travel in Argyleshire forty miles without witnessing chimney smoke or hearing a cock crow.

The struggle would take place when woods not however planted regarding the "Strone" had cultivated on height of a person. The afternoon ended up being hand if the tide would uproot a thorn bush developing above the road. Whenever, nearby the quarry regarding the east neck of Duniqueach, a tree would grow through a millstone, filling the hole, then had been the day available.

He prophecied that Inverary wouldn't be a proper town before the bell would ring on Creagan nan Caorach (sheeps stone) a mile south associated with the city. It has arrive at pass, the steeple having already been built of stone quarried there. That Kintyre would come to be an island;l which includes visited go by the cutting of the Crinan Canal.

1 day, while preaching, Niven stopped unexpectedly, "i need to get somewhere else" he said, and moved away to where a person had been resting on papapet of a connection, he awoke the guy, whom otherwise might have dropped into the share and already been drowned.

On another event Niven demanded "John, give me a snuff" "We have nothing" John responded. Looking sternly at guy, Niven said: "This evening the snuff within pocket will undoubtedly be passed round at your wake."

If the Marquess of Argyll requested Niven, "What death shall we perish?" the Parson replied, "You're going to be beheaded, my lord."

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