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The wonderful world of Fort WilliamEverything you should know (plus some material you don’t) in front of this weekend’s race.

Fort William sits from the west coast of northern Scotland amidst the wonderful Highlands. it is hosted a UCI World Cup each year since 2002 except in 2007 with regards to took a rest to host the whole world champs. It’s one of the primary events from the diary and another that each and every driver will need a win at on their CV. Here’s all you need to understand...

The Stunning world of Fort William © Sam Needham/Red Bull Content Pool

Essential location
Fort William is the largest town in the Highlands, with best the town of Inverness boasting more inhabitants. Around 10, 000 people call it home and it’s reckoned that a ssoftly underwhelming 726 of them can speak Gaelic.

Avon Skin So smooth - an essential.Avon Skin So Soft - an important. © Sam Needham/Red Bull Content Pool

Return of this midge
The Scottish midge is in concept nothing more than a little fly, in Fort William they seemingly use the as a type of winged Rottweilers! Only larger. There are lots of proposed preventitive measures (keeping from the forests for a start) but a humble container of Avon Skin So smooth is obviously the greatest midge-repellent. Although, a fast internet based search will state equivalent of garlic tablets, orange liquid and pipe smoking cigarettes...

Fort William's famously crazy climate © Sam Needham/Red Bull Content Pool

All months
The current weather plays a massive part within the Fort William 'experience', being as it is one of the few places on earth for some reason totally immune to accurate forecasting. It boasts exactly what meteorologists call an ‘oceanic’ weather. In place, this means you can get sunburnt during the finish line and nearly drowned from the beginning hut, which makes it a challenge for riders and spectators alike.

Big screen
okay, it would be a costly day at the video store and it might take you almost all of the night BUT look closely throughout the movies becoming personal, Braveheart, Highlander, Restless Natives, Harry Potter and Rob Roy and you may certainly see Fort William. May be far better get some good popcorn in...

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