Cruachan Fort William Highland

  • "I booked a last moment evenings stay static in Fort William as of this resort and really was happily surprised because of it. I possibly couldn't fault this invest a..."

    O Waller

  • "Lovely hotel and really friendly staff. Within simple walking distance of the city center. My just issue had been that I happened to be truth be told there for 3 evenings and..."

    Christopher L

  • "The room and restroom were somewhat exhausted. The efforts of the room cleansers left one thing become desired e.g. dirty glasses kept from the previ..."

    G Carvell

  • "hotel ended up being great. area ended up being clean and customer care had been exemplary."

    S Arnold

  • "Stayed right here two times during our first stop by at this the main Scotland highlands, lovely hotel, stunning views of the loch through the forward of..."

    Heather R

In regards to the resort

A recognised hotel for quite some time, the Cruachan offers quality, inexpensive, bed and break fast accommodation, plus bar and restaurant. The resort attracts tourists, including groups, and business travellers. Its prime place, right overlooking Loch Linnhe, features effortless direct access off the primary A82 Glasgow to Inverness path and it is only 200 metres from Fort William town centre.

There Clearly Was sufficient auto parking area plus secure places for riders and cyclists, making it a great base when it comes to celebrated yearly occasion – The Scottish 6 Day Trials. Wi-Fi will come in the resort rooms and it is cost-free.

During summer enjoy a bar dinner regarding available terrace with dazzling views across Loch Linnhe toward Morvern Hills – view the area boat club events, watch out for the area seals and otters.

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