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Elizabeth "Betsy" Griscom (1 January 1752 - 30 January 1836), popularly known as Betsy Ross, was the 8th of seventeen kiddies produced to Samuel Griscom (1730 - 1793) and Rebecca James (1730 - 1793) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Betsy Ross was an American seamstress and upholsterer that has been commonly paid with making 1st US flag.

Marriages and Children

John Ross (1752 - 1776) hitched 14 November 1773 Hugg's Tavern, nj-new jersey; no kiddies. Captain Joseph Ashburn ( - 1782) married 15 June 1777 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Zillah Ashburn (c.1778 - c.1780) Elizabeth Ashburn (created c.1780) John Claypoole, variously spelled Claypool, Claypole (1752 - 1817) hitched might 1783

Biographical Overview

Betsy Ross grew up in a household where the simple dress and strict discipline of community of Friends ("Quakers") dominated her life. Betsy went along to a Friends (Quaker) public school, where for eight hours a-day she was taught reading, writing, and got training in a trade — most likely sewing. After doing her schooling, Betsy's parent apprenticed her to a nearby upholsterer known as William Webster. Today we consider upholsterers mainly as sofa-makers and such, in colonial times they performed all method of sewing jobs, including flag-making. It was only at that work that Betsy fell deeply in love with another apprentice, John Ross, who was the boy of an Episcopal assistant rector at Christ Church.

On a November night in 1773, 21-year-old Betsy eloped with John Ross. They ferried over the Delaware River to Hugg's Tavern and were hitched in New Jersey. Quakers frowned on inter-denominational marriages. The punishment for these types of unions ended up being serious — the responsible celebration ended up being "read out", or expelled from the Society of Friends. Becoming read out required becoming stop socially and economically from both household and congregation. Your whole record and neighborhood would be immediately mixed. Betsy's marriage caused an irrevocable split from the woman household. She and John joined up with Christ Church, where congregation included George Washington along with his family.

Not as much as couple of years later, Betsy and John began their particular upholstery business. Their choice had been a bold one as competition was difficult and so they could no further depend on Betsy's Quaker group for business. Textiles necessary for company were hard to come by and business ended up being slow. John joined up with the Pennsylvania militia.

While guarding an ammunition cache in mid-January 1776, John Ross had been mortally wounded in a surge. He passed away on 21 January and ended up being buried in Christ Church, making Betsy a childless widow during the age 24. She continued to run the furniture business, mending uniforms and making tents, covers, musketballs, and cartridges when it comes to Continental military. In late might or very early Summer of 1776, Betsy had that fateful ending up in the Committee of Three: George Washington, George Ross, and Robert Morris, which generated the sewing associated with first flag.

After becoming widowed, Betsy returned to the Quakers, you might say. Quakers tend to be pacifists and forbidden from bearing arms, which resulted in a schism inside their ranks through the Revolutionary War. When Free, or Fighting Quakers — whom supported the war work — banded collectively, Betsy joined up with all of them.

Betsy married her 2nd spouse, sea captain Joseph Ashburn, in a service performed at Old Swedes Church in Philadelphia on 15 Summer 1777. As a mariner Joseph ended up being usually at sea, making Betsy alone in Philadelphia. During the winter of 1777-1778, Betsy ended up being obligated to share the woman house or apartment with Uk troops whose army occupied Philadelphia. At the same time the Continental Army had been enduring that historical winter season at Valley Forge.

On a holiday toward western Indies in 1780 to have war products for Revolutionary cause, Captain Ashburn's ship was captured by an Uk frigate. Captain and team were faced with treason and transported to England. While Joseph was incarcerated at Old Mill Prison in Plymouth, The united kingdomt, their particular first daughter, Zillah, died of them costing only nine months old, and their second girl, Elizabeth, was born. Joseph never learned of Zillah’s death nor had the chance to see their new daughter, because he died before the British revealed the United states prisoners in 1782.

Betsy married John Claypoole in-may 1783. He was a classic friend and an other inmate of Joseph Ashburn, together with brought the woman the headlines of Ashburn's demise. Betsy persuaded her new spouse to abandon the life of of a sailor and discover work on land. Claypoole at first worked in her own furniture business after which at the U.S. customs-house in Philadelphia. Following the delivery of their 2nd girl, the household moved to larger quarters on Second Street with what was then Philadelphia's Mercantile District, where that they had three even more daughters. Claypoole passed on in 1817 after two decades of ill health and Betsy never married once again. She carried on working until 1827, bringing nearly all the woman instant household to the company along with her. After retiring, she decided to go to live with her married girl Susannah Satterthwaite in Abington, Pennsylvania.

In 1834, there were just two Free Quakers however attending the Meeting House. It had been concurred by Betsy and Samuel Wetherill's son John cost Wetherill the effectiveness of these beloved Meeting House had started to a conclusion. At that final meeting, Betsy viewed because the home ended up being closed, symbolizing the termination of a period. Betsy passed away on 30 January 1836, in the age 84.


    Betsy had seven children, five of whom existed to adulthood. She had no kiddies with John Ross, but. Even though it the most visited traveler websites in Philadelphia, the claim that Ross once existed on Betsy Ross House has not been proven. Although a lot of modern historians and banner professionals view the tale of Betsy Ross making the first flag as a fable, the oral history testimony of Betsy Ross's child alongside family members continues to be unrefuted. Circumstantial research also aids the storyline, including the paper celebrity present a trunk into the twentieth century. The totally free Quaker meeting-house, which nevertheless stands a few obstructs from the Betsy Ross home, ended up being built-in 1783, after the war was over. Betsy stated to have done tailoring for George Washington. She was initially hidden on Quaker burial ground on Southern 5th Street, Philadelphia. Two decades later on, her stays were exhumed and reburied within the Mt. Moriah Cemetery inside Cobbs Creek Park element of Philadelphia. In preparation the usa Bicentennial, the city ordered the remains relocated to the courtyard for the Betsy Ross home in 1975; however, employees found no remains under her tombstone. Bones found elsewhere in family members story were considered becoming hers and had been re-interred in the present grave visited by tourists at Betsy Ross House A major Philadelphia connection is termed inside her honor.

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