For Hotels in Fort William

Mansefield House Fort William Highland

The four most well known air-ports in Scotland tend to be Edinburgh, Glasgow, Prestwick and Inverness. Automobile hire and coach contacts can be found anyway of these and train solutions are available from Glasgow and Edinburgh.

By Rail

Everyday services from The united kingdomt (change at Glasgow Queen Street section) work on the West Highland range to Fort William and onto Mallaig. Keep the train at Corpach station which is the 2nd end after Fort William. Mansefield is simply 5 minutes leave. Towards the top of the street change appropriate on the A830 our company is about 400 yards away regarding the right hand part. (Let us know in the event that you need a lift with luggage.)

By Water

Sail into Corpach Canal basin either from the north down the Caledonian channel or through the south via Loch Linnhe. Mansefield is simply five full minutes walk away. Towards the top of the road change appropriate onto the A830 we're about 400 yards away on right hand part. (write to us in the event that you need a lift with luggage.)

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