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Kishorn, Scottish Highlands, Scotland, UKMt. Ben Nevis seen from the Allt a’Mhuilinn course. Photo by Blisco.

Ben Nevis could be the greatest hill in britain at 1, 344 metres (4, 409ft) above sea-level, and it is known to Highland folk as ‘The Ben’. It’s situated nearby the town of Fort William and makes a great climbing or climbing location though way too many hikers and mountaineers go ill-prepared.

Climate can decline really rapidly causing fast temperature falls and hefty fog or snow that conceals tracks and escape paths. In some places snowfall can be viewed throughout every season. People die on mountain regularly and also the neighborhood hill Rescue team is held hectic.

Easy and simple & most popular hiking path to the summit of Ben may be the Pony Track, often referred to as Mountain Path or Ben Path, beginning on the east part of Glen Nevis at Achintee on the south side of the mountain, about 2km (1. 5miles) from Fort William city center. The Pony Track is trod by about 75, 000 walkers annually!

Plockton, the Highlands, Scotland


Plockton promenade. Picture by NessyPic.

Also known as the prettiest village in Scotland, Plockton – populace 378 – is regarding shore of Loch Carron, off the Atlantic. The TV show Hamish Macbeth had been filmed indeed there.

Highlands Beaches

Gairloch beach and loch, Atlantic Ocean. Gairloch is tiny fishing city with banking institutions, stores and a museum. Photo by Steve Carter.

Achmelvich coastline and loch, Atlantic Ocean. it is simply north of Lochinver and a well known camping destination. Picture by Steve Carter.

Gairloch coastline, Atlantic Ocean, Scotland


A Pine Marten in a Caledonian pine, found throughout the Highlands. Photo by Steve Carter.

One of Britain’s rarest mammals, Pine Martens search in trees as well as on the bottom. They prefer to roam in broad-leaved or conifer woodlands, in addition to destruction of those is a threat to your species. They find most of their food on the floor, in addition they hunt for little animals, wild birds, bugs, fungi, fruits, wild birds’ eggs and carrion.

Red Deer are more visible than people in a lot of elements of the Highlands. Photo by Massimo Catarinella.

Another inhabitant of wild British surroundings is the adder, otherwise called Vipera Berus. Picture by Jozef Sokolowski.

The Common European adder/viper

The adder could be the UK’s many venemous animal (which can be mild when compared with Australian snakes! ) but nevertheless it is best to not ever fool around with something that features that structure on it. Adders aren't hostile and are also maybe not regarded as being dangerous as his or her bite – whenever interrupted – is painful but not frequently lethal.
Dismiss testosterone demands that you should wrestle because of the creature. Leave it alone and it surely will quietly fade away.

The low rider

For gear minds that are wondering what the white car near the top of the page is, it's a Superlight R500 Duratec Cosworth, 520 bhp per great deal, integrated Caterham, Surrey. It went around the Top Gear track faster than a Bugatti Veyron and ended up being their particular automobile of the season this season. It’s “the work of this devil” they say.

Achmelvich beach,  Atlantic Ocean,  west Scotland A Pine Marten,  Scottish Highlands,  Scotland Deer in Torridon,  Scottish Highlands,  Scotland,  UK Another inhabitant of crazy Uk surroundings may be the adder,  usually referred to as . Picture by Jozef Sokolowski.

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