Climbing away from Loch Ossian

Ossian Hotel Fort William Highland

Castle Stalker sits on a little island in Loch Laich, an inlet of Loch Linnhe. Title originates from the gaelic "stalcaire", indicating "falconer", and there has been a fortified building of some type because the early 14th century. It obtained its current type at in regards to the end for the 14th century and is viewed as one of the best preserved medieval tower homes. Its history reflects the assault and feuding associated with the highland clans, particularly the Campbells, Macdonalds, Stewarts and McLeans. Once for the Jacobite rebellions in the eighteenth century it absolutely was in the hands of Campbells and presented completely against a much stronger rebel power. It was abandoned within the 19th century but bought right back by the Stewart household which restored it to a habitable condition and still bought it. Its picturesque environment features meant it really is much photographed and possesses starred in movies, Monty Python as well as the Holy Grail and Highlander: Endgame accessibility the castle is through ship and visits tend to be feasible on specified times between might and September. Advance reservation is essential, see site for details. The jetty is achieved by a track with parking by the end, but visitors are cautioned to be mindful therefore is almost certainly not suited to all automobiles.

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