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Castle Stalker sits on a small area in Loch Laich, an inlet of Loch Linnhe. Title comes from the gaelic "stalcaire", indicating "falconer", and there's been a fortified building of some type considering that the early 14th century. It acquired its current form at concerning the end of this 14th century and is considered to be among the best preserved medieval tower homes. Its history reflects the violence and feuding associated with the highland clans, especially the Campbells, Macdonalds, Stewarts and McLeans. Once of the Jacobite rebellions into the 18th century it had been in the hands of this Campbells and held completely against a much more powerful rebel power. It absolutely was abandoned inside nineteenth century but purchased right back by the Stewart family members which restored it to a habitable state and still purchased it. Its picturesque setting features meant it's much photographed and possesses appeared in films, Monty Python together with ultimate goal and Highlander: Endgame Access to the castle is through watercraft and visits are feasible on specified times between May and September. Advance booking is important, see web site for details. The jetty is achieved by a track with parking at the conclusion, but visitors are cautioned to take care also it may possibly not be appropriate all automobiles.

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