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Arkaig Cottage was integrated 1894 by James Cameron a nearby joiner, who is pictured in "20 years on Ben Nevis" as he worked creating the Observatory together with Ben Nevis in 1883. He had been the seventh son of a seventh boy and his family had been most likely cleared from Loch Arkaig side, therefore your house title. The house is built of granite and whinstone and it is most likely that much of it originated from the old Fort of Fort William that has been becoming demolished in the same 12 months.

The Cameron family had originally lived-in the recently demolished adjacent rock "Butt and Ben" which latterly held cattle - whose road within the hillside at the back remains visible.

The adjacent chalet had been initially a workmen's hut regarding the building associated with western Highland Railway, probably brought here because of the Railway family - the MacRailds whom lived right here for many years inside 1940's. The current owners have actually lived here since 1979 and report its a happy residence!

A good amount of wildlife is seen at Arkaig including Roe Deer and periodic red squirrels see, bird-nesting cardboard boxes are found in the blended woodlands which rise to just in short supply of 1000 feet at the back of the home.

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