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Holiday Homes in Fort William Highlands

With gorgeous seaside gems, spectacular lochs and amazing hill surroundings, Lochaber has everything you could desire from a vacation destination. Winding from natural backwoods of Knoydart in the north down the coastline to the Ardnamurchan peninsula and stretching inland to a land of glens – Glen Spean, Glen Nevis and Glencoe – this area of the western Highlands is dripping in dazzling scenes. Sandwiched between the magnificent Ben Nevis and lovely Loch Linnhe, the area’s primary town of Fort William provides an array of activities for outside fans, as well as breath-taking views for people wanting to merely soak up Highland surroundings.

There are two paths that trigger Fort William from the north: over the A82, whisking you from the folds of this Great Glen and skirting the edge of Loch Lochy, and through the equally scenic A86 from from the Aviemore and Cairngorms nationwide Park area; winding after dark delightful Loch Lagan (of Monarch for the Glen popularity). Using its central area, Fort William is an excellent base for checking out everywhere: west to Mallaig across the awe-inspiring Road into the Isles; south to the Oban area; east into the majestic glens and their particular spirit-lifting views.

The street towards Isles

Viewed as the country’s most spectacular journeys, the trail toward Isles snakes west for 46 miles from Fort William towards the picturesque fishing town of Mallaig, threading through jaw-dropping views.

From Fort William the trail hugs the shores of Loch Eil before showing up in Glenfinnan, in the mind of Loch Shiel. The Glenfinnan Monument and 21 arch Viaduct are amongst the most-photographed sights inside Highlands (the Viaduct in addition famously showcased inside Harry Potter movies). From Glenfinnan the trail winds through glens and over the shores of Loch Eilt before moving along coastal roadways toward charming town of Arisaig (with fantastic views towards the Little Isles and gorgeous beaches). Between Arisaig and Morar you’ll get a hold of much more cinematic views on picture-perfect Camusdarach seashore – the impossibly beautiful movie place for ‘Local Hero’. Soak up this island-dotted seascape while you journey across the last area to Mallaig, basking in beautiful views regarding side of the land. From here you'll just take a ferry over to the Isle of Skye or a boat to explore the unspoilt Knoydart area. This course can also be the very last portion of the West Highland Railway Line (which has been voted probably one of the most scenic train trips in the field), and in the summertime months you may want to travel up to speed the Jacobite Steam Train. Whether you are going by road or railway, this dazzling stretch of Lochaber will sweep you off your feet.


To drink into the coastal scenes associated with Ardnamurchan peninsula, you can easily detour on the A861 at Lochailort, following the road of Loch Ailort whilst causes the sea. You’re in for more stunning views given that roadway grips the coast then weaves inland. At Salen the road forks as Loch Sunart unravels before you decide to – you might be then led by this sea-loch since it reaches out to meet up with the human body of sea. The street meanders along until its end within mainland’s many westerly point – Ardnamurchan Lighthouse. Its a place full of secluded bays, wonderful views and remote beauty – perfect for those wishing to really get off it-all.

To return to Fort William rejoin the A861 at Salen, the great little finger of Loch Sunart pointing right back towards Loch Linnhe. The road clings towards side of Loch Linnhe then bends around to clasp Loch Eil regarding the cycle returning to Fort William.

The Glens

The magnificent glens run like a spine along the eastern part of Lochaber, with Glen Nevis nestled between Glen Spean therefore the south end of good Glen, and Glencoe. With deep lochs wedged amongst tough mountain surroundings, it is an area that may shower you in wonderful vistas. Glen Spean plus the southern portion of the Great Glen unfold in the region between Fort William to Invergarry, including Spean Bridge (where in fact the A82 and A86 meet) and Roy Bridge, including Loch Arkaig and Loch Lochy. There are lots of ways to fill your days in Glen Spean, from fishing and golfing to wildlife observing and walking.

From the home of Fort William, great Ben Nevis draws numerous people to the area that keen to walk and climb its towering ridges. If you'd like to feel the magical views from the Nevis Range without walking or skiing its mountains, you are able to vacation up Aonach Mor on Britain’s just mountain gondola. The journey takes 15 minutes into top of the 2150ft mountain that appears beside Ben Nevis and you will enjoy panoramic views to create your heart rise.

After the A82 south of Fort William contributes to majestic Glencoe, view shield of Loch Leven – a sight that begs is photographed. Glencoe is famous for its awe-inspiring beauty and interesting record, and has already been voted the essential romantic glen in the nation. This famous Highland glen frequently features on site visitors’ must-see lists, in accordance with its spectacular mountain peaks and loch-side environment it is possible to understand why.

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