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5. Re: caution against easy drive automobile hire fort william!

The customer is indeed initially correct, whenever an initial reservation had been made on line, the card offered ended up being declined which implied we were struggling to process the scheduling fully. To be able to ensure our consumer could obtain local rental vehicle, we nevertheless reserved the automobile pending the card details. Our advisors contacted the customer immediately to try and get the correct card details, the consumer stated they would deliver them through – so that it had been believed the difficulty ended up being resolved pending the main points.

When it came to the early morning associated with initial reservation – we prepared all paperwork required for deliveries toward railroad place (there clearly was many today since it is a standard incident). At this point we had no reasons why you should flag around united states this particular consumer had actually booked two vehicles, under two brands and with two various credit cards. For that reason the reason why two transactions were created by Easydrive as we had the ability to achieve payment now from the card that at first declined. Therefore, as soon as we request new details from buyer, most response with the past guide or in the exact same name – the customer hadn't provided us with any details to link these bookings collectively. For that reason this brand-new scheduling ended up being treated like most various other and now we presumed the consumer ended up being happy to continue with initial card details together with dealt with the issue.

Our consultant delivered both automobiles on time to the railway station as required by the consumer and our documents path can be this. On arrival, it absolutely was discovered just after that there had been two bookings produced by exactly the same consumer. Therefore our consultant made a call into main office; right-away they instigated the refund from the original scheduling card, as they were going to be operating the vehicle using the title stipulated from the 2nd scheduling. The refund had been made on a single time, it is out with this control sadly how fast these resources were created available once again and any delays should really be showcased with your lender. Theoretically, a no tv show reservation is a fee of 100percent. Essentially we did do-all documents and delivery for a complete individual hire, in this situation obviously we were thrilled to refund because was an innocent mistake made by the consumer.

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