Loch Lochy - Fort William

Fly to Fort William United Kingdom

A vacation to Fort William brings you to the center for the western Highlands with magnificent mountain views and many accommodations offering the most readily useful of Scottish hospitality. The tiny, friendly outlying town is called the Outdoor Capital of UNITED KINGDOM using nearby countryside and lochs providing a picture-perfect background to a range of exciting tasks. An historic location of numerous key facets of Scottish history, especially the Jacobite Rising in 1745, Fort William is a vacation area with a fantastic story to share with.

Enjoy Strategies from your own Hotel in Fort William

During winter season the nearby mountains of Ben Nevis change into a well known ski resort with pistes readily available for newbies and specialists alike. Loch Linnhe and the nearby channel are used for boating and kayaking through the season. The wealthy landscape of Highlands offers ample chance of fishing trips or clay pigeon shooting in imposing normal environment. Indulge your passion for golf on some of the exemplary programs in the Lochaber area or explore the great in the open air by taking a walk along among the numerous woodland tracks or nature paths that radiate out from the city. Fort William is the perfect area for mountain cycling with acres of lush countryside to explore and well-maintained roads to guide you towards most readily useful vantage place to take pleasure from a view of Fort William plus the surrounding area.

Go Fort William

Fort William is within the gorgeous region of Lochaber therefore the city itself nestles from the banking institutions of Loch Linnhe. The town marks the beginning of the Caledonian Canal and lies near to historical Glen Coe. The area is very easily accessible off their areas of great britain by bus, train or automobile. Fort William is under three hours drive from Glasgow. Numerous travellers elect to travel to Glasgow airport or Edinburgh airport before admiring the wonderful mountain views on the road to the Highlands of Scotland.

Explore Local Tourist Attractions from Your Fort William Hotel

The West Highland Museum is a superb solution to explore local record and find out more about the popular clans which were connected with Fort William additionally the nearby villages. The Ben Nevis Distillery offers a tour to explain more info on whisky, Scotland's nationwide beverage, in just one of the country's earliest licensed distilleries. A major national landmark, the damages of Inverlochy Castle at the western end associated with Great Glen mark a place steeped of all time. The significant battlements tend to be testament to your tumultuous events inside development of Fort William from military garrison to contemporary, thriving town.

Staying in a Fort William Hotel

The city of Fort William has a number of modern and standard accommodation choices. Booking with Expedia provides access to the most effective Fort William hotels. Tiny and enormous rooms are available and also the location is very suited to families wanting any occasion that takes when you look at the tranquility of country side while providing a lot of opportunity to get energetic and explore the glens and lochs of just one of Scotland's many picturesque regions.

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