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Fort William Highlands Caravan

Some things to consider whenever driving inside Highlands

Drive in the left
YIELD to vehicles on the right

In the UK, ANYONE drives on left-hand side of the roadway. This implies the simple, standard, No 1 Rule of this path is CAVE IN or YIELD to traffic coming from your RIGHT.

Speed Restrictions - CONTEMPLATE IT!
The most rate restriction any place in great britain is 70mph. This speed could be the appropriate, maximum speed for motorway trips also.

On trunk roadways the most rate restriction is 60mph for exclusive cars, unless there are signs instructing you otherwise. Large HGV automobiles should be travelling at 40mph.

Inside Highlands operating also sluggish are in the same way dangerous as operating too fast. Here's what happens...
You're driving along a roadway, as far as you are concerned, you have just already been operating regarding the incorrect side of the road, in a strange rental vehicle, with the wheel regarding the wrong region of the vehicle, for a couple times. Or perhaps you're pulling your caravan to park it somewhere else, or your mini-camper only does 40mph.

You will be completely astonished at how near the oncoming traffic is driving you. Every time a coach or a truck methods, you are certain its going to strike you.
And that means you're taking a trip along the road at between 35-40mph and simply dealing nicely.
However, behind you, these day there are a lot of various other vehicles all crawling along at COMPLETE rate - perhaps 12 or maybe more. Out of the blue, a driver in one of these cars chooses he is had sufficient in which heshould overtake you - but he's got to have passed all of those other cars behind you first - if its the very last thing he does. Sadly, it often is the final thing he does. The resulting RTA is horrific - mangled automobiles, dead people in automobiles, blood all around us - many poor souls must clear it!

Thankfully, this need not take place, because we have a solution for this really frequent problem - they truly are called lay-bys and moving places.
All you have to do is this:

1 CHECK YOUR MIRRORS USUALLY - whenever traffic is increase behind you, its time for you pull-over!
2 LOOK AT YOUR SPEED - 50mph is quite an acceptable speed to visit - 35mph isn't along with other motorists ponder over it very selfish.
3 MAINTAIN 80-100 metres behind the car right in front!
When you see a blue roadway indication with a huge letter P on it, this means you can easily pull up, to allow vehicles go by.
5 DON'T STOP ON THE ROAD - you will definitely cause a roadway traffic accident !

Speeding and Impatience
Maintaining your distance from vehicle in-front.
If you enjoy operating fast in your vehicle, truck or bike, the obligation is on you to push with CONSIDERATION and VALUE for other individuals. Imagine about - there could be a range or main reasons why some one forward is operating slowly. Driving immediately behind another automobile, is BLOODY STUPID and guaranteed to become catylist for an accident.

At the least 30 metres could be the the very least you should look at.

Keeping a definite, safe length from the automobile right in front, enables quicker cars to pass through properly between two slower moving automobiles. This distance in addition provides every person with a good REASONING DISTANCE - the distance your car or truck travels before you answer modifications.

BE SEEN ! Use your headlights !
An easy and efficient way to aid on-coming automobiles to SEE YOU, should drive always together with your dipped, primary headlights ON - try out this test yourself.

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