Loch Ness - Scottish Highlands

Fort William United Kingdom to Loch Ness

Inverness Airport is situated some 7 miles east of Inverness / 21 miles from Loch Ness.

Direct routes to Inverness with British Airways, KLM, Flybe and Easyjet are available to and from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Luton, Amsterdam, Belfast, Bristol, Birmingham, Dublin, Manchester, Kirkwall, Stornoway, Benbecula and Sumburgh - many of which tend to be airfields with global contacts, and all sorts of flight times within the British are under 2 hours.

Summer arrivals from Jersey, Southampton, Zurich and Duesseldorf and Winter arrivals from Geneva and Innsbruck.

Neighborhood transport connections to Inverness are available from away from international airport building, including coach and taxis services. Local and national automobile hire can be readily available for showing up and departing passengers.
Various other significant Scottish airports include: Glasgow, Aberdeen & Edinburgh.

By Road

The A9 could be the primary accessibility roadway to Inverness from the south, Perth, Edinburgh and Glasgow as well as from north.

The A82 is an alternative and much more scenic course through the south (Glasgow) via Loch Ness through Great Glen to Inverness. The A96 connects Inverness to Aberdeen.

The B862 on the south-side of Loch Ness connects the little picturesque villages between Fort Augustus and Inverness, and in addition connects to the A9 south to Perth, Edinburgh and Glasgow and points more south.

The A887 may be the main route to Inverness from the west coastline and Isle of Skye.

There are several companies for vehicle hire at Inverness airport or Inverness town should you choose to travel right here by bus, train or plane. The Highlands of Scotland have a reputation for many of the very difficult and dazzling roads for motorcyclists within the UK…and beyond.

Trains And Buses

National bus businesses including Megabus, Citylink, Nationwide Express & Stagecoach takes you from major Brit towns to Farraline Park Bus Station in the centre of Inverness, in which neighborhood outlying buses supply a site to all or any Loch Ness and Highland places. Take to Travelinescotland.com trip planner.
Telephone: 0871 200 22 33 for timetables for buses, trains, mentors, ferries and Scottish interior routes.

Taxis & neighborhood automobile & Bus Tour operators:
Neighborhood vehicle Tour Operators & coach journey Operators offer organised and tailored tours. You can find licensed taxi ranks at Inverness Airport, Inverness coach station and stop. Neighborhood Loch Ness trip automobiles and taxis can be purchased in advance, and lots of accommodation providers will allow you to organize transfers – only ask whenever reservation.

By Railway

To reach Loch Ness by railway you are able to journey to nearby Inverness or Fort William. From Inverness you will find regular journeys north to Thurso, east to Aberdeen, western to Skye & the Kyle of Lochalsh, and south with direct fast solutions from Glasgow, Edinburgh and London (including sleeper services) - one of the most relaxing and scenic techniques to go the Highlands and most trains will also gladly carry your bike...

By Bicycle

The Great Glen hill Bike Trail (80 miles) is a completely way-marked hill cycling path and works from Fort William to Inverness with parts to accommodate all abilities. This will be just one of the period channels that can enable you to get on Loch Ness location.

By Foot

Reaching and then exploring Loch Ness plus the Great Glen by foot should be the ultimate way to intimately connect to this place. The truly amazing Glen Way works from Fort William to Inverness, with dazzling views and historical and normal heritage to be discovered all as you go along. 73 miles/117km long, the complete route is walked in 5-6 times, remaining overnight in the numerous communities inside the Great Glen and suits all amounts of walker. To learn more about the Great Glen Method follow this link. There are additionally roads which operate across the South side of Loch Ness - with an increase of under development.

By Boat:

The sixty mile long Caledonian Canal connects Loch Ness plus the Great Glen to Inverness to your north and Fort William to the south. You can easily up your chances of witnessing the Loch Ness Monster by employing your own cruiser to sail where you desire to go. You will find piers, jetties and mooring places along Loch Ness. Nearly all are cost-free. The resorts and bars welcome boating visitors and there are well-stocked stores as you go along with complete solutions in a few associated with the larger villages. In the event that you don’t like to sail your self, there are a few excellent more successful Loch Ness cruises that final from a couple of hours to all the day (and overnight!).

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