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The village of Drumnadrochit is a perfect base to explore the Scottish Highlands and Loch Ness. Just 15 miles southwest of Inverness, Drumnadrochit provides a far more rural and serene setting for visitors to enjoy. Of the many villages along Loch Ness, Drumnadrochit lies closest to the centre for the Loch Ness Monster trend; however despite its notoriety, Drumnadrochit features were able to manage its rural village environment. And proximity into Loch, Drumnadrochit is near to gorgeous castles, Bronze Age damages, plus the spectacular beauty for the Scottish Highlands. HomeAway has actually an attractive choice of getaway cottages in Drumnadrochit that boast between 1 and 3 rooms, sleeping up to 8 persons. These properties exude appeal and cosiness, usually welcome animals, and supply numerous amenities such as for example internet access. Selecting Drumnadrochit getaway cottages will interest everybody, from spending plan to deluxe travellers, supplying all comforts of house during any day at the Highlands.

Things you can do

-Sightseeing: As well as wanting to spot elusive Nessie, watercraft trips on Loch Ness are always well-liked by tourists. All kinds of tours can be obtained throughout the year and a cruise is amongst the most useful approaches to view the Loch. A number of companies function directly regarding Drumnadrochit, whilst other people depart from nearby towns. Whether out fishing or simply just sightseeing, heading out onto Loch Ness will expose beautiful views associated with the Great Glen, Urquhart Castle, together with Caledonian Canal.

-Historical tourist attractions: Urquhart Castle is perched on a promontory that appears out onto Loch Ness. The medieval construction was once one of many largest castles in Scotland and it has already been experience to lots of sieges and battles throughout 500 years. The palace, which is available to explore, offers amazing views for the loch along with the Great Glen. There is a visitor centre on location that includes informative displays and events since the castle’s history, including numerous medieval artefacts found around the area. Urquhart is based simply two kilometers beyond city and is a short hike from many getaway homes in Drumnadrochit.

-Ancient websites: The Corrimony Chambered Cairn is a quick drive west of Drumnadrochit and it is a typical example of a Bronze Age passage grave. The grave is in the middle of 11 standing stones and had been built by Neolithic farmers. Some researchers genuinely believe that the chamber had been developed to prepare and transfer the lifeless into the movie stars. The website is open day-to-day and is absolve to enter.

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