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Best restaurants in Fort William United Kingdom

Only arrived from Scotland and must state it was breathtakingly breathtaking! It had been our 2nd see and we loved it - my new hubby and I also. We visited Edinburgh and Fort William - assure we did two hubs from in which we're able to travel the rest of Scotland.

Here are a few short notes of that which we really liked:

1. Nevis Gondola that is in Ben Nevis range and a 20 - 30 min drive from Fort William town center. It’s a 15 min cable car ride across Nevis mountain range featuring its spectacular vistas of turquoise blue lochs (ponds) and absolute high cliffs. Once you alight through the cable car, you'll try using a picnic, short walks, etc. The trip back is another 15 mins. Great thing to complete!

2. Also sea-food in Fort William is more preferable than Oban. Fort William export their seafood, esp. to Spain to help make their famous ‘Spanish paella’s. Best I'd was in a small little 1st tale restaurant labeled as ‘the place restaurant’ in Mallaig. It is possible to take to a very reviewed restaurant, 'Lochleven Seafood Cafe' almost Loch Leven Glencoe - huge servings!

3. That is undoubtedly the drive to do – the Fort William to Malliag drive, about 1.5 hours one-way and usually takes 2.5 hours as individuals stop throughout to take images and they've got made small parking arrangements for the since it is a beautiful – Harry Potter, Braveheart and several films had been made about this drive and it is steeped ever sold.

4. Decide to try the national dish; Haggis, if you're reluctant to test it 'pure and unadulterated' the very first time, you then would probably like the ‘Haggis with Neeps and Tatties’ version, neeps being turnips and tattis becoming potatoes. Everyone loves Haggis in almost any type whatsoever, but i realize from some people that the even more edible variation for other individuals is really what We mentioned because it’s less full on! The best ones come in town centre in a pub known as 'the Grog & Gruel' - additionally a comely club. The other stupendous one I'd ended up being near Glencoe, in a restaurant of this hotel 'The Holy Tree'. Its a necessity go since it has the Captain's Lounge restaurant most stupendous views associated with Loch and you may consume outside!

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