Cup 2009 at Fort William

Fort William Scotland mountain

UCI Mountain Bike World CupYou read it correctly men and women: just one month to go through to the biggest program in hill cycling strikes Fort William regarding the 8th and 9th Summer.

Since the very first World Cup was held in 2002, momentum is continuing to grow and grown and the occasion has become commonly held becoming top on entire MTB circuit. With enthusiastic crowds of people bellowing the bikers from the beginning to complete, the environment is electric whether you’re a die-hard mountain biker or simply looking for a fun day trip utilizing the family. Just browse this video to get a flavour because of it:

Interested? Of course you're! Get all information you will need over at the . In the meantime, here are some individual tips of my own for first-time spectators:

1. Remaining over? Get your accommodation sorted early: this might be a favorite event, and places to keep fill up fast. Here’s our guide to accommodation in Fort William to help you get started.

2. Make an effort to get there relatively very early – the environment does not simply focus on the racing. The party state of mind commences early Saturday morning and goes on throughout the weekend into Sunday evening, so make it happen early to make the the majority of things.

3. Love hassle-free parking: Use among the numerous around Fort William to keep things easy – they’re frequent, quick and free.

4. Track(side) stroll! Get the Gondola towards top of Aonach Mor where in fact the competition begins and consume the majestic views down the hill through the (where you can even enjoy a cheeky dram should the idea take you!). Then create your method slowly along the side of the track to cheer on the racers while they fly by. In the event that you’ve never seen it before, you’ll be stunned at how quickly this business and women can discuss the rock-infested terrain. Likewise, don’t skip the which takes place on the Saturday night in the bottom of this mountain, in which bikers race four abreast in eliminator rounds until someone wins.

5. On competition time, time your arrival on finish to coincide utilizing the last couple of racers – this is how pleasure hits fever pitch therefore the arena explodes. To not be missed!

6. Eventually, you are outside and up a hill, so prepare consequently! Just like many outside activities, levels of clothing are recommended, and this should include a warm coat the the surface of the mountain. Stout hiking shoes may also be recommended, as is midge repellent!

7. Become involved!: while the World Cup track is ready to accept anyone in months prior to and following the competition, driving it really is no mean task and best kept toward experienced. But you will find great trails more desirable for all those more recent toward recreation, from family members friendly vegetables to red-graded cross country songs. There’s even a red-graded downhill path from the top of the mountain your gondola will require that. .

Therefore, what exactly are you awaiting? and look toward one of the most exciting vacations of this summertime!

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