Bus from Inverness to Fort William Highlands

Formally opened in 2015, the Affric Kintail Method runs from Drumnadrochit regarding the shores of Loch Ness, to Morvich in Kintail, close to the western Highlands seaboard. The commencement point makes it possible for it to be from the Great Glen Method and during that to a lot of Scotland's cross country footpath network. The end point at Morvich enables a hyperlink with the a lot more challenging and severe Cape Wrath Trail.

The route at first runs through forestry large above Glen Urquhart before attaining the village of Cannich in Strathglass. This is actually the portal as to what numerous respect as Scotland's many stunning glen - Glen Affric. The route goes on right-up Glen Affric, through magnificent pinewoods and previous stunning lochs, after which on up through the very wild and remote upper reaches of the glen, utilizing the opportunity to remain overnight in Scotland's remotest youth hostel. Eventually the path climbs within the main watershed before descending through dramatic mountainous surroundings of Kintail.


The path uses paths and footpaths throughout, but after making Cannich it becomes progressively remote; the top of hits of Glen Affric becoming amongst the many separated in Highlands. Some connection with remote hiking, navigational skills and full hillwalking gear are expected.


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Drumnadrochit on Loch Ness has actually shops and a wide choice of accommodation, including B&Bs, guesthouses, hotels and hostels. Along the very first stage there is certainly a bed and breakfast at Shenval.

Cannich once again has a store, bed and morning meal and a campsite.

After Cannich there are no additional services along the route, aside from the remote SYHA hostel at Alltbeithe; this really is open throughout the summer time just, should be pre-booked and will not supply meals.

Morvich and nearby Allt a'Chruinn in Kintail have actually sleep and breakfast; there's also the nearby resort at Shiel Bridge, which in addition features hostel accommodation.


Drumnadrochit features an excellent coach link, being in the path between Inverness and Fort William (both of which have rail channels). Cannich can be offered by coach from Inverness.

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