Morar Sands

Fort William Scotland Guest House

Lochyside, Fort William, PH33 7NX

Your Hosts: Mieke & Bert Bindels

Our guest residence is situated in a quiet location and 60 metres off the roadway, so your night sleep won't be disturbed by traffic sound. The very first noise you can expect to hear each day would be the songs of large amount of birds within garden. We offer 3 two fold rooms, each with king-size bedrooms plus one twin-room. Our rooms tend to be suited to a high standard without detracting through the personality and atmosphere of the house but en-suite facilities, main home heating, digital flat display TV with Freeview, clock radio, hospitality tray, hairdryer and free high speed WiFi. Our spaces, guest lounge and dining room are on the floor floor and simply obtainable if you have transportation difficulties.
Break Fast
Start the day off with morning meal inside our brilliant and sunny conservatory that has views on yard's fruit woods therefore the surrounding hills. You can expect either a traditional cooked breakfast with local Scottish specialities, plus Continental and vegetarian choices. A number of the favourites tend to be fresh fruit beverage and scrambled eggs with regional smoked salmon.
Outdoors and Wildlife
Our leading yard is a haven for wildlife including roe deer and several species of birds, butterflies and other pests. We attempt to motivate wildlife by growing plants which lures all of them by dangling up feeders and nesting bins. You are able to roam around within our 3/4 acre of landscaped yard or sit external and flake out examining our mature flowers, shrubs and trees, while admiring Ben Nevis additionally the surrounding mountains.
Photo Areas
Bert is an professional photographer and won a number of awards with his picture's. Into the guest residence a selection of their photo's is on show in the rooms, guest lounge and corridors. He is very happy to give advice about places, most readily useful period for light, digital camera configurations etc. You can check always our site for tips.
Should you want to check if we rooms readily available and guide online, go to

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