Winning Moorings Hotel is

Moorings Hotel Fort William Scotland

Situated from the banks of Caledonian Canal, close to Neptune’s Staircase, The Moorings resort knows how to celebration. Whatever its you are looking for, develop our choice field of Festive festivities will provide you with just what you need to enjoy a Christmas night out.

Whether you wish to celebrate with pals, household or peers, the Moorings Hotel could be the perfect option for your festive parties.

Celebration Nights – A Festive Evening to keep in mind

Our Traditional celebration Nights offer a delicious dinner and live entertainment. We’ll serve you a flavorsome 3 course festive meal setting you up for your night of mingling, dancing and achieving an all-round good-time. Then you can certainly let the hair down and dance the night time away to vibrant tones of our chosen enjoyment for night.

Friday 9th December 2016 – Mardi Gras

Friday sixteenth December – Eriskay Lilt

Saturday seventeenth December – Mardi Gras

Celebration Nights – why-not stick to us?

Save very well your taxi fair house and party the night away with your reduced accommodation rates for party goers. Enjoy a great festive discount on B&B just for £25.00 per individual per night, based on two sharing a typical two fold or double. Restricted single rooms can be obtained at £40.00 per individual per evening.

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