Fort William based shop

Fort William Scotland shopping

Based within remote specialized just outside Fort William, Lochaber Farm store shares an array of local produce including animal meat (Beef, Lamb, Pork and Venison) companies tend to be listed on the blackboard into the shop, sometimes our personal, other times other regional facilities. We stock Bacon, Gammon and Chickens from MacBeths of Forres. We make our very own prepared meals regarding premises included in these are- Lasagne, Steak and Ale Pies, Quiches and Lochaber Lamb Hotpots. We stock an array of our own residence cooking, (easily obtainable in the store and also to try in café!) including Carrot Cake, Lemon Drizzle Loaves, Empire Biscuits, Malteaser Slice and of course our popular Orkney Fudge Cheesecake!.

We also stock a very good selection of wholefoods, flour, free range eggs, cheese, honey, preserves, snacks and unique dietery items particularly Gluten Free and Dairy totally free produce. We have eco-friendly cleaning products with a refill plan and child/skin friendly human body care products.

Our speciality is of course our in your area reared animal meat, tender lamb, tasty free range chicken, and our much sought after mutton. We likewise have free to wander birds, outdoor reared bacon and gammon steaks and wild venison. We offer speciality venison items including smoked venison, venison chorizo, venison pepperoni and salami.

We offer a selection of veggies including conventional types of potatoes like Golden Wonder and Kerr’s Pinks which we source because locally as you possibly can. We have been always seeking new local manufacturers in spite of how tiny a quantity. If you should be a gardener/ grower along with surplus, come and discover united states and we'll offer on your own neighborhood produce! Demonstrably belated summer time occurs when we possess the most readily useful number of stock!

We offer Fair Trade products within the Farm Shop like Tea, Coffee, Biscuits and Chocolate. We try this to be able to assist small farmers like ourselves various other parts of the world.

Regional Farming Local meals for Local People (and Visitors very Welcome Too!)
We at this time re-use provider bags contributed by clients but they are definitely for a synthetic case no-cost shop. Kindly deliver a case for your shopping so with time we could make that happen standing!

Stepping into the habit of taking along your bags does take time but it will end up 2nd nature. We sell our beautiful re-usable Lochaber Farm store Bags made by a mill in Lancashire so additionally fair-trade and not transported half-way round the world!

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