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Fort William Scotland cable car

Nevis number Gondola

The Hill Gondola

The Nevis Range mountain gondola system, the actual only real of its type in Britain, had been originally constructed on mountain of Aonach Mor, only 7 miles north of Fort William, in order to transfer skiers to your slopes. The gondola is also trusted as a short slice by climbers to the numerous challenging cold temperatures tracks and by paragliders and hangliders on their trip to the clouds.

Nevertheless the gondola is a highly acclaimed visitor destination with its own right, permitting sightseers to enjoy the scenic ride, whilst taking in the beautiful views and clear mountain environment, experiencing fully refreshed on their journey back into firm surface!

Your Way

The gondolas transportation visitors effortlessly from 300ft around 2150ft in the north face of Aonach Mor, the eighth highest hill in Britain. Your way does take approximately 12 - quarter-hour each way, and each gondola can accommodate to six folks around.

Your way permits spectacular views of Scottish Highlands, like the Great Glen, Ben Nevis, and surrounding places. On a definite day this dazzling view can increase as far as the internal Hebrides. Frequent site visitors frequently remark that every trip to Nevis Range can be hugely different because of the altering regular colours.

The gondolas transport site visitors effortlessly from 300ft to 2150ft on the north face of Aonach Mor

The Mechanics

The Doppelmayr gondola system comprises of 80 six seater sealed cabins running on a continuing 4.6km metal cable weighing 40 tons. The cable and gondolas tend to be supported between 18 pylons, 2 masts, and 2 drive place frameworks each anchored in 200 tonnes of cement.

The system covers 2.3km associated with the hillside from base place at 300ft to the top station at 2150ft. There are particular ambulance, cargo and service gondolas. The rated holding capacity associated with the gondola system is 1700 people per hour at anyone time.

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