Fort William town approx

Shops in Fort William Highland

Our all-natural healthy skin care items are handmade in our workshop situated because of the base of Ben Nevis, in just one of many spectacular components of the Scottish Highlands. Our gorgeous highland landscape has been the foundation of inspiration for our items. That are created with an emphasis on organic, fresh crazy harvested components and herbal treatment.

Spean Bridge Store

Spean Bridge is 10 kilometers north of Fort William, from the primary A82 approach to Inverness. In addition to our shop the mill has many facilities to make it the right location to end whenever going to Spean Bridge, including homemade meals, beverage and coffee. Our shop is located in Invercauld home (pictured to the right), originally a classic farm house ‘Invercauld Farm’ before advancements into the town.

Fort William Store

Located in the shadows of Ben Nevis (Britain’s greatest hill), Fort William is adored by hillwalkers, climbers, kayakers, skiers, and has now some of the best mountain cycling landscapes in the united kingdom. It is the begin and end of both West Highland Way therefore the Great Glen Method. Our shop is based regarding the high-street, and simply a couple of minutes from the city center is Glen Nevis, among Scotland’s most picturesque Highland glens. Parking can be acquired all over town centre.

Pitlochry Shop

Our store is situated in the town of Pitlochry in Highland Perthshire. This really is a popular town with gorgeous surroundings and several local tourist attractions. Simply from the primary A9 course north, Pitlochry is a busy stop-off point for traveler’s going into the Highlands. It offers a pleasant setting regarding River Tummel, backed by Ben Vrackie, and it is spectacularly breathtaking through the switching colours of autumn.

The Highland Soap Company®, and, Highland Candle business® are subscribed trademarks of
The Highland Soap Co. Restricted, Scotland. Authorized office: Spean Bridge, Highlands, PH34 4EP.

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