Caledonian sleeper train

Sleeper train to Fort William Scotland

Sleeper Trains connect London with various Scottish urban centers together with South-West (Devon and Cornwall). They supply three degrees of sleeping accommodation - single-bed cabins, twin-bed cabins and reclining seats. Addititionally there is a buffet solution offered through the night. Twin-bed cabins may be occupied by strangers only of the identical sex.

Travellers usually can get in on the train 45 minutes before departure and certainly will often remain onboard after arrival until 08:00.

Provider details

The trains run six days per week (maybe not Saturday nights) and also the timings below are indicative (they are doing differ on Sunday nights).

The London-Scotland solutions ("The Caledonian Sleeper") tend to be centered on London's Euston station. There are 2 primary trains, which split up into portions when inside Scotland (or join in the return).

  • The Glasgow & Edinburgh service leaves London at 23:50 and hits the 2 destinations by 07:20.
  • One other train has three portions, for Aberdeen, Inverness and Fort William. This leaves earlier in the day at 21:15 and arrives at 07:30, 08:40 and 10:00 correspondingly. Trains additionally call at Kirkcaldy, Stirling, Perth, Dundee, Aviemore and a number of advanced stations regarding West Highland Line.

The London-Cornwall service ("The Night Riviera") is one portion only. It makes London's Paddington place at around 23:45, with arrival in Penzance by 08:00.


  • The trains leave from city-centre channels, perhaps not from distant airports
  • The trains offer other channels, which might otherwise be hard to achieve by air
  • There are not any fat restrictions for luggage. Crucial: bicycles spaces do need to be reserved but they are conveyed free of charge
  • The traveller saves the trouble of an over night resort.

Things to watch

  • Providers can be very busy during the summertime and at vacations. So advance reservation is advisable and discounted tickets may be difficult to find. At other times, you could have the train practically to yourself, and it is feasible traveling 600 miles/1000km for as low as £35 one-way.
  • Restful sleep just isn't fully guaranteed. Joining or splitting regarding the portions will most likely shake you awake (the southbound Scottish shunting takes place at around 01:00).
  • Washing facilities tend to be sufficient but there are not any baths onboard. Euston and Paddington stations have actually baths for first-class people.

How exactly to reserve: London-Scotland and vice-versa

The London-Scotland solutions is now able to be scheduled as much as one year beforehand.

Fares vary; this will rely on just how early you book and whether you want a hard and fast, non-refundable non-exchangeable admission, or something much more flexible. If you wish to travel in one single course by sleeper train additionally the other by daytime train it is possible to reserve these separately.

London - Scotland 'Caledonian Sleeper' solutions tend to be managed by Serco, and possess their dedicated internet site:

Be warned - the brand new Serco web site gives not a lot of information on pass types - thus you can be caught by violation prices increasing unexpectedly even though the pass you believed you had been taking a look at was at a typical - non-discounted - price!

Just how to reserve: London - Plymouth/Cornwall and vice-versa

The London - Cornwall 'Night Riviera' is run by First Great Western. Unlike the Scottish solutions, bookings just open during exact same screen as daytime services, often 10-12 weeks forward.

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