Fort William Scotland

Trains from Fort William Scotland to Glasgow

  • Train Fares from: £ 160.80
  • Fastest path: 10h 3m
  • Slowest path: 11h 59m
  • Typical Journey Time: 10h 3m
  • Modifications: 2
  • Train each day: close 12
  • Train operators: Virgin Trains East Coast
  • The length of time does it try travel from Fort William to London by train?

    The common trip time taken between Fort William and London is 10 hours three minutes. The fastest trip time is 10 hours 3 minutes. On the average weekday, there are 12 trains each day traveling from Fort William to London. The journey time might longer on vacations and vacations.

  • Are there direct trains from Fort William to London?

    No, it's not feasible traveling from Fort William to London and never having to transform trains. Utilize our journey planner above for direct train times from Fort William to London.

    No direct trains feasible

  • Exactly what time would be the very first and last train from Fort William to London?

    1st train from Fort William to London departs at 08:44. The very last train from Fort William to London departs at 20:50. No sleeper services are available. There are often less solutions on weekends and general public holiday breaks; make use of the Journey Planner above to search for a particular train on the plumped for travel day.

    Very first train 08:44

    Final train

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